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    My priorities are showing again.
    Sometimes I think about elephants and I wonder if elephants ever think about me.



    Interiors // Landscapes // Graphic designer representing myself as the creative link between clients and a designers vision. Working to create spaces and visuals with a personalized atmosphere that extends from practical to perfectly impractical. Strategically aligning design, concepts and production with innovative and meaningful projects that garner aesthetic attention.


    • AutoCAD drafting
      3DS Max + Lumion + FormZ 3D modeling
      Full Adobe Suite collection
      Apple Mac + Microsoft Office
      Extremely proficient in technology and software programs
      Hand drawing/rendering
    • Project management, development and planning; team coordination and scheduling; accustomed to deadline-driven environments; able to receive and communicate aesthetic direction and concepts; client/vendor relationship negotiation and maintenance.
    • Vendor oversight and quality control; prepress management and 4 color processing; high end quality presentation preparation.


    University of California Los Angeles, 2009-2011

    Design Communication Arts - Graphic Design

    Miami University (Ohio), 2002 - 2006

    Department of Architecture and Interior Design, FIDER Accredited. BFA in Interior Architecture; Minors in Landscape Architecture and Anthropology.


    San Diego > Los Angeles > San Francisco

    Cameron Vail Design

    Graphic Design / Architecture / Interiors

    Short client list:

    Lapidary Farms / Zelier Spirits / Music Dealers & Music Dealers for Coca~Cola / The Supper Society / Southern Wines and Spirirts / Endurance Guy / The Active Network / Windsor Smith Home & Windsor Smith Room In A Box

    San Francisco, CA


    Sr Interior, Landscape, Graphic Designer and Project Manager

    Multidisciplinary and integral role in overseeing, leading and growing the design business through large luxury residential projects, custom design/build furniture, extensive presentations, social media, web design, pop-up gallery events, photoshoots, and marketing strategies. Architectural planning and design. Budget, schedule, and subcontractor management.

    San Diego, CA

    The Active Network

    Digital Media and Social Media

    Digital Media - Concepts for rebranding strategy. Design new layouts for digital presentations to aid the sales team in their product launches and advertising campaigns. Implement designs into various digital formats including PowerPoint.

    Social Media - Engage in online conversations on behalf of Active brands including scheduling, messaging, designing and writing content for social media channels. Monitor online conversations. Collect detailed statistics on social media accounts and analyze data regularly.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Windsor Smith Home

    Project Manager/Lead Architectural & Graphic Designer

    Project Manager - Architectural planning and design. Budget, schedule, and subcontractor management. Secure vendors and pull resources to assist the Veranda Magazine team and showcase designers.

    Graphic Designer - Art director for media, press, and blog. Logo, web interface, and product packaging design. Created presentation material and client/vendor documents. Photo retouching. Hand rendering.

    Glendale, CA

    Carson-Magness Landscapes

    Associate Designer

    AutoCAD drafting, 3D modeling and rendering. Building dept. permitting & processing. Designed, prepared and presented projects for clients.

    Pasadena, CA

    Parker West Interiors


    Assistant to Designer and AutoCAD drafting

    Meaningless Competitive Statistics

    100% of the anxiety attacks I've ever had have led me to a Chipotle.
    Four out of seven nights a week, Robert Downey Jr. shows up in my dreams, thus proving he cannot possibly be as in love with his wife as he says.
    So far, my skirt wearing track record in San Francisco is: only when freezing.
    Have you ever calculated the area of a large pizza vs two medium pizza's? I did that.
    Personally putting Cheeto's kids through college.


    What type of designer am I?

    Supreme. Anything can be made into a science, complete with methods and practices, proprietary terminology, evolving levels of knowledge, and confused stares from clients.

    What I’m passionate about?

    When Buddah advised non-attachment he clearly had never seen my plastic figurine goat family.


    Hard crushing on all signs of life.


    Never email me invitation example inquiries with the subject line "Wedding Proposal." It's cruel to raise such hopes.

    Things I know to be true?

    If you don't share your other Twix, I will recalibrate my affections accordingly.

    Things I know to be false?

    That commercial jingle for Big Red Gum. The duration of my goodbye's remain appropriately timed.


    I will connect you to some people who have strong feelings about my future as Lead Snack Coordinator.


    I like pancakes!


    (619) 701-9304